Tell You How To Choose Right Preschool In Singapore

Every parent and guardian wants their child to receive the best quality education in life. Your child’s admission into a Playschool is the first step towards the learning ladder. The academic journey of your little one begins from here only. Therefore, this stepping stone towards learning ladder forms the basis for the future learning of the child. Apart from imparting the basic skills, preschool also imparts the required social skills and etiquette in the children.

Choosing the right Singapore preschool for your little one is the critical decision in your child’s life. Various factors should be carefully evaluated so as to make a decision that proves to be beneficial for your child.

Trustworthiness: compile a list of schools near you and choose the best suitable brand for your child. Survey well in advance about the school, the facilities available, etc. that will contribute to the development of your little one. Therefore, Singapore preschool is well structured and has a good reputation in the city.

Distance from home: keeping in touch of the pollution, travel time on the roads, stress and safety of the child, the playschool should be near to your home. Therefore, always check the distance of the playschool from your home.

Duration and Timing of the School: preschools are generally for a half day or a few hours. Opt for a school with least school hours as a short amount of time works best for the preschooler.

History of the Management: management and the staff members are the backbones of any institute. So you must search for a playschool lead by a team of well educated, experienced skilled with the best aptitude and love for children as they have the experience of controlling many children.

Outdoor space: children love to play and enjoy. Besides this, games and activities help in the physical development of the children. Therefore, being a parent, you must ensure that the playschool you are considering must have a big, well spacious outdoor ground or an area with safe equipment’s for the child to have lots of fun. The preschool must also have lots of indoor games and activities to help the child learn through puzzles, blocks, etc.

Loving, caring and enthusiastic teachers: a school is like the second home of a child and teachers are the caretakers. Therefore, the teachers should not only be educated and knowledgeable, but also have loving, caring and motherly feelings. These qualities attract the children, and it becomes easy for both the teacher and child to bond with each other.

Facilities and Activities: besides the big outdoor area and activities, other facilities such as helpers to take care of the child, medical facilities and security, etc. should also be considered. Also know more about the festival at preschools including the sports days, social functions, etc.

Comfortable: the most significant point while selecting a play school for your child is that you, as a parent and your little one must be happy and comfortable with the environment of the school.

Interact with alumni parents: talk with the parents who have already enrolled their child on their overall satisfaction with the preschool. Also, ask them what their likes are and dislikes about the school? Are their children happy and learning theirs? Etc.


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