Get A HIV Test In A Professional Clinic

HIV PEPHuman Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV destroys the body by taking over the cells in the body and destroying the immune system. Thus, it makes the body unable to fight the virus. It is still unknown why the body cannot fight it off. Some of the symptoms of HIV are common just like having the flu. To empower yourself from this life taking virus, read on to know the symptoms and how you can get a HIV Test at a HIV Clinic Singapore.

HIV is affecting children as well as adults. Here are some symptoms:

  • The common colds: fever, tiredness, and rash
  • Recurring headaches
  • Lymph nodes swollen
  • a sore throat

These symptoms can be caused by other viruses like hepatitis and mononucleosis. Therefore, it is not enough to make a diagnosis of being positive for HIV based on these symptoms alone. A person must get an HIV Test in HIV Clinic Singapore in order to know for sure.

Extraordinary compared to other approaches to get a HIV Test is through the wellbeing facility in your group here in Singapore. Groups likewise different administrations with the expectation of complimentary like pregnancy tests. Visiting the local health clinic is one of the most convenient ways to get tested.

  1. Set an appointment. Most clinics serve those who are low on the economic status. Clinics are usually full and busy. It is best to call them ahead of time to know their working hours or best time to visit.
  2. Blood test. To test for HIV, you will need to give a sample of your blood. Local health clinics have facilities to do the blood work.
  3. Wait. One of the hardest things to do is to wait for results. You will be contacted to get your results within a few days. To keep a healthy mindset, it is best to find support from a friend and do activities that will keep you preoccupied.

It should be noted that there is a time element that affects the result. A person who gets this kind of test will only turn out positive if she has developed antibodies to it. When a person gets infected, there is usually a period of up to 3 months that a person’s test can always turn out to be negative. Sometimes the period may be longer. This happens because it is not enough time for antibodies to come up. Another option is to get another HIV test that does not search out antibodies but looks for the actual virus.


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