Talk About The Factors Of HIV PEP Clinic In Singapore You Want To Know

iStock_000000547448SmallThe HIV PEP (Post Exposure Prophylaxis) is a drug available for use in HIV PEP Singapore clinic to help prevent getting infected by those at risk of HIV infection. It is generally recommended that the drug should be taken within 24 hours of exposure to be very effective. But when you miss that period, within 72 hours is still considered great. When the drug is introduced into your body, your immune system is able to be constructed in a way that allows the body to be secured from possible HIV infection. Additionally, any possible copies of the contamination are inhibited from being created.

Apart from the benefit of using the drug, clinics in Singapore offering PEP treatment are widely preferred because they are considered to offer the best treatment.

There are various instances when you may be exposed to HIV infection risk and why you may need to visit a HIV PEP Singapore clinic. These include when:

I. Condom breaks during a sexual intercourse

II. You are in the risk group of commercial sex workers and drug users among other groups

III. You are sexually assaulted/abused

IV. Through open sores, wounds and cuts you are exposed to suspected contaminated blood, genital fluids or semen.

V. You exposed yourself to suspected contaminated blades and or needle.

The various HIV PEP clinics available use different versions of the PEP drug. But it is important to use the latest version, internationally recognized, which are even more effective and have fewer side effects.

It has been observed that it is generally perceived that the use of these drugs has the potential to affect the normal functioning of the liver or kidney. For that reason, constant monitoring of these vital organs by the HIV PEP Singapore clinic chosen during treatment becomes mandatory. The treatment lasts for a month.

Some of the common side effects of using HIV PEP:

· Feeling abnormally tired

· Diarrhea

· Nausea

· Rash and fever

In conclusion, you would not want to be infected with the incurable disease if there are solutions, HIV PEP Singapore clinic, available. It is important that you never take any chance if you feel you have been exposed to possible HIV contamination. You don’t need proof sometimes, just use your instinct.


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